Our Story

From humble beginnings

Field Honey Farms came about in the late 1970’s in the Thames valley. Robert Field relocated to the Isle of Purbeck in 1993 and since then he has hives located at various farms and estates between Swanage and Salisbury Plain. We are privileged to live in the picturesque Isle of Purbeck, which is perfect for keeping bees due to the long summer season of the south coast, as well as the culture of farming small fields in the lowland heath surrounding Poole Harbour. It is also part of the World Heritage's Jurassic coastline.


The south coast location of our hives enables the bees to forage nectar and pollen from early summer to late autumn. The close proximity of heath and moorland offer many types of flora and allow us to supply monoflora honey. The uncultivated Salisbury Plain, used for training of the British Army, create a large swathe of traditional wild flower meadows, which benefit the bees as well as many other insect species.


We use both wooden and polystyrene hives, the wooden have the benefit of being completely renewable and they are paraffin (candle wax) dipped to preserve them, thus avoiding the use of harsh preservatives. The poly-hives have enormous husbandry benefits as they provide better insulation for new or young colonies made up in late summer. It is important to us to reduce the stress on the bees as much as possible by using the best husbandry techniques available, far beyond what has been practised by past generations.


We have recently benefitted from a Rural Economy Grant, under the Rural Development Programme England, which has enabled us to expand our business. This has allowed us to construct a purpose-built building for honey extraction and bottling, with modern machinery and equipment to handle the honey more efficiently. We have supplied honey locally for the past 20 years and now our honey is available throughout the whole of UK.